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Home, Oct. 5--19
Sun 5--P.M.

Dear Esther--

I have just finished a letter to Hazel and my hand is so tired I can scarcely write. Your last letter came at noon yesterday (Sat.) and you were expecting an ans. to it that same day. Well, you see I can not do the impossible, so will ans. now. I suppose we will go to S.S. (now) tonight I mean as Hartford & Union Chapel were to in together at U.C. this A.M. but at H. tonight. Rally Day I believe.

We got word Sat. A.M. that the steers were shipped that A.M. Clark has just been to town to see if they have come. Here he is. No they didn't. Papa went on train to Ill. Sat. A.M. to Uncle Spater M.'s funeral. Look for him home tomorrow.

I feel just as tho' you were around the house somewhere. For Richard drove in a while ago to make a short call. Came home Fri. night about 9. Will go home back tonight. I should think I was real nice and thoughtful of him to see us a few min. Believe he likes it better there than he did at Bloomington.

Have you answered Mrs. Carter? I hope you have decided to board with her for I think you will like it better, especially in the winter time.

Mrs. Perry Glendenning (Oh! such a long name) is going to sew some for Ruth this week. I met Justine's mother Fri. night at the school house. They are organizing a Parent Teacher's meeting. They are to meet about once a mo. Mr. Baker is to be Pres. I like Mrs. Baker real well. We had quite a talk about our girls.

By the way this Club is a sort of my much talked of "Community Club." They (Mr. & Mrs. Willis) are doing just what I have wanted done so bad, you know. Well, I must quit a[nd] get my kids ready of night S.S. It looks awful rainy too. Clark don't want to go. I have at last found your swimming stockings will send them with two brassiers (old). What kind of shape was that box in when you got it and how did you like the candy? Can't do much cooking for you until I am rid of the dreaded class party. Well, bye bye for the present.


Am glad you had a physical exam.

Jim Miller is married to Mrs. Whitsel's niece. Murry Holloway has joined the Navy. No teacher for your class last night so Forest S. taught. Not a Shoemaker boy there or Alva or Emil.

Clark is going to see about steers this A.M. so you will get this letter soon. Richard looked real nice.

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