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Geneva Ind.,
Oct. 3 1919.

Friend Esther:--

Just got home from Geneva will try and drop you a few lines even if it is bed time. I am needing sleep very bad. I was at Linn Grove last night at the tent meeting. I saw nearly the whole Hartford Township High School there. Some of them just came for the after services because they got so happy that the people at the tend drew everybodys attention.

Mamma told me this evening that Tressie and the rest of them had to walk home from school this evening. Alva took them to school this morning and this evening they had to walk.

I was at the Bluffton street Fair last Thursday evening and also last Sat. afternoon and evening. There was the largest crowd of people I ever saw in a town. A person just had to push their way through. There were only sixteen machines taken besides all of the robes and over coats etc.

How do you like school? I hope you like it all O.K. I only wish I were in school how I would enjoy my self. We have been having some beautiful days since Wednesday afternoon, but Wednesday forenoon it just poured down the rain. Mr. Watson had postponed his sale until Oct. 8th. That means double work for us, and it is hard work to get ready for a sale. After the sale we won't have hardly any thing to-do.

I am going to the White Oak Sunday School picnic to-morrow and to a farewell party Sunday. Tell Luella and Katherine I said, "Hello," and hope they are getting along in school O.K. and will write to them later.

O yes! One member of your class of 1919 has joined the Navy. He is in San Francisco at this time. I suppose maybe you heard about it. I suppose you know who he is with out me mentioning his name.

Will close hoping to have an answer soon. I remain your W.W. friend


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