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Home, Oct. 2--10

Dear Esther--

This is supposed to be Clark's letter; but I see he has not sealed it so I must have my "put in". The letter you wrote to papa & myself was written last Sun & mailed that eve. We rec'd it Tues noon. Your "duds" came yesterday and I am already to wash them now. I think it a very small amount for you to send home. Sorry you didn't send the gingham dress. Do not get anything to send your clothes home in unless this conveyance does not suit.

Mrs. Whitsel's birth day is the 18 of Oct. A card will please as much as any thing. I am writing disconnectedly for I haven't really the time to spare to write at all.

Yesterday was dismally hot.

I will send some eats to you and do more for you after that old class party is over with. Clark seems to have lost his enthusiasm and it worries me to think so much depends on me. Especially when my canning is not all done and no house-cleaning. Haven't really had the chance to go see if some one can do some sewing for me.

Day before yesterday (Tues. P.M.) I put in one-half the P.M. cleaning & dressing three chickens. Was intending to send one to you. Papa thought it would be O.K. when eve. came Clark said "why it won't be the same for them to eat by the time they get it." then I asked papa again & he said he didn't believe it would be either. And I guess they were right for it did turn awfully warm. We got tired of chix, too before the three were gone.

Will fix up your bundle of clothes O.K. for you.

Papa said for you not to sting your eating, get what is best for you even if it comes higher. I got 48 for eggs this A.M. so you are not paying such an enormous price for your fried eggs.

Must close with love from

You must not feel obliged to write home so often, it takes so much of your time.

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