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Your clothes arrived safely

Oct. 1 1919

Dear ‘Little' Sister:--

I have been waiting for a chance to write and as I spoke for tonight about a week ago I am writing, as you see.

We have 54 in H.S. now and everything is going fine. We (H.T.H.S.) were talking about buying a phonograph so we have 2 machines there now an Edison (175) and a Columbia $100 the majority prefer the Edison and if we can get the money that is what we will get. Last night I got home from B.B practice at 12 02/# we were working on the hall Mon. night until 11 15/ and until about 10 45/ last night before we started to practice. We play Geneva a week from Fri. night and we can beat them too. We changed the location of the hall it is over the garage now and it is a much better place.

[new paragraph here] I am taking English, Chemistry, General Science, Commercial arith, and Ceaser is that enough to keep me out of mischief or not. We were experimenting with Mercuric Oxide (red percipitate) sugar + starch we decomposed all of them and had a swell time. There are 16 of us seniors.

How are those flowers growing how is the rose in particular are there any buds on it.

I goreceived a letter from Willie he didn't have much to say but it is rather lonely his address is
William J. Reffe,
306 Elm Ct.,

He would appreciate a letter very much so would Mrs. Whitsel

My ford doesn't run right yet, it needs a little rest I guess

You may write with one boy talking but here there are 2 kids who ‘are' what we are reported to have descended from.

I can't even hear myself think.

Your big brother (senior now)
E. Clark Munro.

P.S. Our B.B. Suits will look swell green sweaters with purple stripes and golden monogram green satteen [sic] pants with purple bottom and side stripe also green socks with purple stripes. The pants have a 4 inch inseam, rather abbreviated eh?

Well good bye,

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