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[This letter is dated September 31, but the envelope is postmarked September 29.]

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Geneva, Ind. Oct Sep. 31--'19

Dear Esther--

Believe I'll write a few words to you, tho' Ruth said she would write this eve. We are all around dining-room table. Ruth is reading out loud to W. & L. but they are not giving very good attention. Lloyd is listening and cutting out a false face from paper. Clark is reading Am. Boy instead of answering Richard's letter as you advised him to. Clark was at home alone all P.M. I believe he has spent a lonesome day for it seemed so lonely in S.S. this A.M. so many were absent. Papa's class took both banners. Not because it was so large, but because all others were so small. Only three in young married people's class. No teacher for your class, so Maizie taught it. We all went to town last night (Sat. night). I got tape for you to have your name on. So Clark started to write it and he just couldn't do a thing on account of the way weave. So I'll have to put it on a strip of muslin or something similar. Got Ruth a hat. Just a plain broad rimmed brown velvet hat, no trimming, & it was $6. I took the trimming off of my black hat and now I have nothing. The weather has been so warm that I suppose you've been making good use of your thin summer dresses.

At last I have those pep[p]ers stuffed. When we fixed them before, did we put onion in with cabbage? It seems to me we did not. Any how they tasted (the filling) better than ever before & I wondered if I hadn't used a different recipe. I took this from Youth's Companion Cook-Book.

We were over to Mrs. Laurence's this P.M. She said she only saw a few there. Eva Carpenter being one of the few, but was almost sorry she saw her for the impression was she was getting "tough", and she could not help but feel sorry to know that. It looks as though, after all, that Hazel's letter in that respect was mostly true.

Clark has not received a word of any kind from Luella. I just wondered if she really did not intend to write or had the children lost some mail. I do not think they have tho: I only mention it because I really thought it strange.

Well, believe I'll close and see what Ruth will do about writing. Here are some questions tho: How is your appetite now? Have you ever been homesick? Who have you heard from or rather who have you written to? Will your clothes hold out for the full time? Tell about the frolic for the freshmen?

Good night. With love

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