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148 Sheety Street
W. LaFayette, Indiana
September 28, 1919

Dearest Esther,

Yesterday morning was destined to be another time when the postman "delivered the goods". Mr. Stafford wanted to bet me a set-up that I would get a letter yesterday. He seems to think it unusual if I do not get at least one every day; but nevertheless I would not bet against him fro I knew I would lose. See, how my faith works. Something is bound to sway under the spell of a magic "wand". Have you lost any of your enthusiasm? Surely not even though you have a ‘map" in French class every day. You, such a sleeper, and do not like to go to a class of Romance Language! It is a very remarkable case and as I am not such a very good psychologist it is too deep and obscure for me to comprehend.

What does Prof. Davis teach you, chemical analysis of the esters, the soul, or of just one disagreeable thing after another? I have heard that he was a fine instructor. So you like him. Well I think he is married, and old too.

You seem to think there that since Mr. Stafford is a big fellow and is good looking that he might appear to a better advantage upon the beautiful natural campus of I.U. than upon the more artificial terra cotta of Purdue? He is not good looking.?? But he is bigger than Mr. House, my former angelic room mate. _________________
The position of the patent design or line indicates that I stopped there long enough to eat an excellent amount of excellent food. I would not miss a good meal for a great deal, and neither do I want to miss a good miss for a nice kiss. Old Purdue is no decent place for me. When I get out of here about all I'll be able to do well is to "chock corn". You know me better do you not?

Next Saturday is to be staged the Frosh-Soph scrap on Stuart Field. If I should decide to have to fight, then I'll write you a farewell letter later or come to bid you good by in person. At the last scrap they broke one poor bird's neck and hurt numerous other combatants. But at Purdue they do not take the Frosh out of bed and cut off their hair. No, indeed such barbarism is not to be found here. Ha?

Last Week one day I went to see a show at the Luna called "Oh Boy" which was very fine. A young college sport loved a young school (girls' school) girl and they wished to marry. but the man's old maid aunt was a firm believer of Prohibition and so were the girl's parents. The girl's father refused the poor lover because he thought he (the boy) was carousing around too much, that is a college drunkard. So the two ran away one night and were secretly married, amid an adventurous excitement. That same night the father went to the College Inn, where the sports were having a wild time with some wild women, in order to "quiet" them. He was a judge, but a woman took charge of him and soon had him drunk. That fixed that part all right. Then the aunt came to the Inn looking for her nephew and by accident tasted some liquor and liked it until she was drunk. Ha, ha. These two circumstances brought the two main obstacles to give their consent to the marriage of a perfectly happy couple. The details that I left out certainly did help to make this one of the best "movies" imaginable. Last night I saw one called "Keep the Boy on the Farm". Henry Ford's show in which the problem is solved by buying a Ford tractor. Ha, ha. This one was at the Y.M.C.A. Hut, over across the campus.

Saturday afternoon I went out with a couple of fellows upon a bug-hunting hike thru Happy Hollow and around by the Wabash river. We stole some apples and killed things and in fact did all we dared to do with safety.

Were you to so many churches today? I was only to M.E. Sunday School where we had our class picture taken. Since the weather looks so much like rain I do not know what I shall do the remainder of the day. I might study but I do not like to work on Sunday. See?

Well, if you can find enough time to read all this then I hope that you enjoy it. You have my greatest sympathy. Have you ever felt like singing that song since you have been in Bloomington? I mean the song called by some such name.

Here is to your health and happiness.

Sincerely Yours,

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