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Geneva Indiana
Sept. 28, 1919.

Dear Sister:

I like High School still better. We got a Columbia at school and all the school and both grades and H.S. have to march in and out 1 morning 2 recess and both boys and girls have to eat in the assembly to-morrow. 2 recess, and at evening once. ((2) = we have to march down and up when school takes up or lets out.) Tressie is our Algebra teacher instead of Mr. Willis. In Domestic Science We are making cooking aprons and caps. In General Science last Friday we weighed an empty can and tryed to pump air into it and it did not work so we weighed an empty bottle and that was all we did that day. The girls are going to have a basket ball team. The H.S. is taxed or I mean each person in the High School 5 a week for the athletic Association. How I do wish you could come visit our school. Oh, there are 16 in G. Science 14 Freshmen and two Seniors. Then they have what they call Students Self Government. I have been killing bugs while I've been writing this letter. It's almost 9 o'clock and I've got some studying to do yet. I've written this letter in a hurry so please excuse some of the mistakes.

Clark went after Mr. & Mrs. Whitsel Friday evening you know. Clark took Robert S. along. They started home at 19 o'clock and didn't get home until 2 o'clock in the morning. They had a break down. The engine simply stopped. They were a few roads on this side of Bakers. Richard Briggs brought Clark home. Then Clark took the big car and [hauled] the Ford home. So we will have to go to school in Jeff to morrow. Lloyd wanted to go to the Fair so bad he cried about it. I guess Lloyd and me are the only ones that did not go. It is now 5 min. after nine. Good-night.


Am washing this A.M. When will you send some clothes home? I see Ruth made a good many mistakes. (as usual).

Have you gone to church or S.S. any where as yet?

Expect Clark will be the next one to write to you.

Saw Josephine Martin in town Sat. night. She was going into Long's (apparently for ice-cream) with some young fellow. Very young looking & no taller than she.

Lloyd spent yester. P.M. (Sun.) over at Glendennings.

bye bye from

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