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Geneva, Ind. Sept. 26, 1919 in the eve.

Esther L. Munro.
821 E. Atwater Ave Bloomington, Ind.

My dear Daughter,

Your letter with questionairre [sic] inclosed is before me. Your mamma is wondering what is the reason for all these questions. I'll answer some of them.

[Your] Father was Born in LaSalle Co. Ill.
[Your] Grandfather Munro, Near Seekonk, Mass.
[Your Grand]Mother [Munro, Near] Dayton, Ohio.
Your Mother was born in Livingston Co. Ill.
[Your] Grandfather Dillon, In Mason Co. Ill.
[Your] Grandmother [Dillon in] Indiana Co. Penn.

Your "build" is a family Characteristic And you probably resemble your fathers family but little more than your mother's. both families are of medium stature but your fathers folks are a little heavier built than your mothers. employment? Helped at housework a little reading & school work.

The ages of the whole family is as follows


Your father Born Jan. 14. 1865
[Your] mother [Born] June 22 1870
Yourself [Born] Feb. 2, 1900
E. Clark [Born] Dec 31 1901
Ruth E. [Born] Nov 5 1904
Willard R. [Born] May 25 1907 died at 4 we[e]k of age. Cause Ab[s]cess of cheek bone, Real cause Dr.'s Carelessness.
A. Lloyd [Born] Aug 17 1909
Warren D. [Born] June 25 1914

I rather guess this will stop them but if you want to know any thing more write and ask all the questions you want to. Whenever your "money pile" gets low let me know and I will see that you have all you need. Now if you want to please me take time to go to S.S. and Church and at least try the Christian Church.

Your Mother, Warren, Myself and Mr. & Mrs w. went to the Bluffton fair yesterday. Our first frost came last night and did very little damage. Everything is about out of the way. Keep busy but don't worry.

Your Father.
A.C. Munro.

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