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Geneva, Ind. Sep. 25--19

Thurs. eve.

Dear Esther--

I suppose I ought to write to you; but, oh dear! I want to go to bed. You see, we (papa Warran and I) took Mr.& Mrs. W-- to Bluffton. They will stay over night tonight and Clark or someone will go after them tomorrow eve. The wind blew so strong from the N.W. and with the upper part of the wind shield gone it made it more disagreeable. It didn't seem so bad after we got there. I suppose you know the Fair is "on" there this week.

We left home at 9-30, and got home at 3-15, P.M. We would not have come home so soon; but we met Verne Ralston's mother & she said as they came past our place on E. side of farm one of our horses was in barbed-wire fence and said it was cut up pretty bad. So papa & I came right home & when we got home, he went down to see the horses and they all looked O.K. So much so he couldn't tell which one had been in the fence.

They have a fine circle sewing there, a Ferris wheel and a "whip." The last puts me in mind of the "blue streak". They have a fine showing of hogs. Have over a hundred pens & 600 hogs (counting pigs & all). Chickens are good too. Saw a few faces I knew. Mr. & Mrs. Hollinger also Bessie Reffe and Syder girl. Also Miss Taylor of Domestic and Mrs. Paxon. Saw a large Angel food cake & it had no frosting on it.

As soon as I get time I'll try to send you all of those things you have sent for. Lloyd's Gilbert toys have not come yet.

Say, I need some new clothes awful bad, don't know hot to go at it without you.

Well, I'll go to bed. may write more & I may not.


Home, Friday A.M.

It will soon be time for mail-man, but guess I'll have time for a few more words.

You do not say any-thing in your letters about Justine Katheryn or Luella.

I see you don't have the spare time you thought you surely would have there. Guess you're as busy as Katheryn said you would be.

Wish you would ans. some of my questions; and I think you ought to write a card or something to Mrs. Whitsel.

Have you and Katheryn decided anything about your winter coats?

Yes, you surely do fine about getting up in the A.M. Guess you've found out "O'tis fine to get oop in the marnins."

Say, how do you like it there any how? When any one asks me, I hardly know what to say.

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