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Geneva Indiana
Sept 22, 1919.

Dear Sister:

Well today was full of experence for me and I guess for Lloyd and Clark. There are 51 in the High School. I like or new teachers just fine and I guess all the rest do too. They are up to date. the subjects I take are: English, algebra, domestic Science, and General science. there are 30 or more pupils in G.S. In that class there are most or all the seniors, all the Juniors, and all the Freshmen. There are 35 pupils in Lloyd's room. Lloyd likes his teachers just fine. I think they have the best set of teachers. Mr. Willis is trying to get a talking machine of some kind for the whole school. Mr. & Mrs. Willis were trying to get an orchestra. We are going to have Physical Exercise down in the old Physics room. They have organized the Hartford L. Betterment Association in H.S. Clark is president, Daniel Hoffman is Vice President, Ida Glendenning is Secretary, Victor Eicher is Assestent S and Mr. Neusbaum (I suppose done of Trustee) Treasur[er]. They have painted the barn red and trimmed white the girls toilet (I suppose the boys too) have raised the floor about two feet and have put in better stools. You have to go up three steps after you get in the toilet room and also have a railing when you go up the steps. It seems so queer. Mamma did not wash today but after I came home mamma and *cleaned the up stairs*. Mamma also made some donuts, and three pies and also did the churning. It rained and rained yesterday. We went to Sunday School in the Ford in hardest of rain. We took Mr. Whitsel and Wilma. Mamma went along too.

We took Josephine, Lucile, and Robert. I don't know of anything more to say. O, Mrs. Willis is a very good writer. That's all. I am so sleepy. It is nine o'clock. Mamma just gapped.


P.S. We got all new dinner pailes.

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