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Geneva, Ind. Sep. 21--19

Dear Esther--

Now may be I can tell you a little more than about the ordinary routine. You can't guess who came to spend the P.M. so I may as well tell you right now. Guess Clark felt some what lonesome as it was rainy and dark and dreary, so he said he'd go over and get Roland, in the "new-old" auto. Then Ruth said bring Janette and Lloyd said bring Leslie but to my surprise he brought Dorothy and Janette, besides Roland. She said she was almost afraid you'd be mad because she didn't come sooner when you were at home. I told her I wouldn't be any how, for we were feeling kind of lonesome any way. Of course Clark was in his glory for he had some company he liked & he began immediately (of course) to entertain. He and Roland made cocoanut fudge and it was real good. Put coloring (red) in it too. Then we gave them all the muskmelons they could eat then we talked about everything school, sewing, music, Nebraska & rattle snakes and the class party Clark is to have next month. Dorothy will help in the program. Did you know that she has been giving music lessons all summer? Had 19 pupils. Will give only Sat now. she took some of your Etudes home with her. I also gave her your picture. We all had a fine time and hope they had as good. They have bought a new "ford".

Papa sold the male lambs. Got 12 per lb. They brought $61.55 thought I'd tell you this while I thought of it.

I went to S.S. this A.M. So you see I can give you a report of that too. Emil taught. There were the two Felber boys & Bertha, Maizy, the preacher's son, Clark & Alva, Clark said Emil did O.K. I told Maizy she looked lonesome and she said she felt that way too. Bertha left immediately after S.S. was out.

Mr. & Mrs. Whitsel have just been up to spend the eve. I was going to write a long letter; but so much of the time is gone that I'll have to go to bed soon. When you ask Wilma who drives the Billy Haynes she says Richard Glendenning just as plain as any one.

I forgot to send you that calendar Clark has spoken of for the class party. I forgot I'd told you that once before. Guess I'm too sleepy to write now. Who have [you] heard from besides me? Or rather who have [you] written to. Remember, if you do not write you need not expect to hear from any one. Be sure & write to Velma, Dorothy, Irene Anderson, Bertha, Josephine & a few boys in the S.S. class. Belive Alva would be a good correspondent. Yes send one card anyhow to Leona L.

I must quit. Papa is going to get up early & this is the Bluffton Fair week. We might go.


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