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148 Sheety Street
West Lafayette, Ind.
September 19, 1919

Dear Esther,

It is probable that you never will catch up with your answers to my letters, considering the rate I am going. Usually I have classes from eight to three o'clock solid, which no doubt is more than you can boast of. Just the same I hope they do not work either one of us too hard and consequently retard our very happy correspondence.

Say, why didn't you try to "get in" with Miss Powder Puff and endeavor to make a sorority? I have seen Miss P.P. already and she surely is beautiful. You could then get out into society, dance, and meet all the sweet frat. men. Of course I might then be a back number myself, but I would do even that for you, under certain conditions.

You have not spoken of Miss Baker? How do you like old I.U.? Have you any difficult work or studies? French or Spanish? Do you get good eats and lots of them? Like kandy? Ha?

You seem to think that I did very well to go to the Methodist Sunday School on my first Sunday at Purdue. What will you think when I tell you that I had a "date" with a girl the first Sunday evening at Purdue? It's a bad start surely, or well? We went in a machine for a little drive out to the old Tippecanoe Battleground and around through Delphi. Got in early tho, at eleven. Ha! This business was thru the kindness and courtesy of L.J. Stafford. Everybody tries to lead me off. See? And although there are only four girls taking agriculture, two of them sit next to me in classes. I'll surely have to watch my step.

In addition to this, I dreamed in a dream the other night that you were married to another fellow, had a baby even, lived out in a valley somewhere, (Sleepy Hollow, I guess) and were unhappy but willing to stick by him. In order to satisfy me some you invited me to your home. I was very sad and unhappy, and woke up; much to my relief of course.

In answer to your questions, I do not think, really, that you are so strangely terrible.


P.S. Please don't you forget the next installment to that last letter.

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