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Home, Sep. 19--‘19 Fri. P.M.

Dear Esther--

You say write, write, well, we are doing our best, anyhow I am. Lloyd said he might, but was waiting for something to happen. You must remember you haven't been gone a week yet, and here I am writing to you the third time. I know I can never keep this up.

Ruth is hemming some wash-cloths for you. I[n] case you should get a cold you could use them in your room for hkfs [handkerchiefs].

Don't think Ruth has lost any of her weight yet, as she still resembles the "little baby mom". Yesterday she was just finishing a good sized melon all herself and she said "well, one is not enough."

Mrs. W. said to tell you that she told Wilma the other evening that you had gone away off to school then W. just layed [sic] there & called "Esther, Esther come back."

The men have been busy all day fa[...]ing the wheat for seed with the new mill and Warren & Lloyd have been terribly excited, especially so, because Clark moved Charlie (the engine) out to the barn to run the mill.

Had chicken for dinner.

I suppose you have rec'd about two letters from by this time. Seems to me the mail is very slow getting here from there. Yes, I wish you had sent your watch home. Is it too late yet?

I have imagined your rooms almost exactly as you drew them. What is the matter with your French teacher? Is it a man or woman and why don't you like them?

Am going to seed the mangos and put them in brine this eve. Did not go to the preacher's reception last night. Papa was so tired from cutting corn.

Do you miss the piano? How are your head aches now?

May be my next letter will be more interesting, as it is, I have not been off the place since you left and no one has been here but Mrs. W. Haven't even been rung up on the ‘phone. I must close and hunt for those rubbers.

May be some one else will write the next time.

Take good care of your health & write when you have time.

With love--from Mamma.

The book, washcloths & rubbers & this letter leave here this A.M. Sat.

Your card came yesterday noon & have ans. immediately. Clark will write when those pictures come.

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