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Bloomington, Ind.
September 19, 1919

Dear Miss Munro:

I have been notified by Miss Wells that you are to enter Indiana University this fall.

Have you ever been in Bloomington? If not, I am sure there will be many questions which you will want to ask. This year we are trying to make things a little easier for Freshmen. We are going to have a committee at the station to meet the Freshmen and answer any of their questions. When will you arrive in Bloomington? I am afraid that I shall not be able to meet you, but I wish you would call me up (phone 288) as soon as you get to your room. I shall try and come to see you and see that you do not have such a difficult task in matriculating.

Please write me and ask any questions which you feel you should like to have answered.

Yours sincerely,
Virginia Carmichael
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