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Geneva, Indiana
Sept. 17, 1919.

Dear Sister:

We did not get your letter until today noon. I have been telling mamma it seems so queer to find your side of the bed not tocked, toched touched. Mamma and I both say that we ought to find you in the bedroom a sewing. Mamma and I worked awful hard Monday. Mamma said she wanted to go right to sleep as soon as she went to bed. We went out and picked the beans we've been so longing to pick, that evening. Clark and Papa cand came home at some where around ten o'clock. Oh, Mrs. Whitsel milked Beauty cow Monday while papa was gone.

Yesterday I did every speck of the ironing and mamma put up some kind of tomato stuff. I forget now. I took Wilma on my lap to show her pictures. We cam across a baby. I asked her was her what its name was and she said , "Wilma".

Mamma to day can[n]ed nine and quartes of the best tomato soup. It had all the seasonings in it butter and all. Also mamma backed bread and it turned out fine. Mr. Whitsel in cutting corn to-day cut his leg. Wasn't that luck. Papa wanted him to come to the house and have it fixed up but he only tied a handkerchief around it and went on with his work. Justice came just a few minutes ago with a Ford that we might buy. Lloyd is all excited about it. Warren told me to write his letter for him. He is so sleepy. When Papa and Clark came home the windshield was broken of[f] at the dividing part and one tire was flat and the i[n]ner toob was all in shreds. Mamma and I are fighting right now. Don't you hear me squeal? Mamma has been making all kinds of faces to-day. Papa is writing a check of $250 for the ford. They put of[f] the shower for the preacher until tomorrow evening. Mamma said if all of us were going we would take two old hens. Mamma has gone to bed what do you think of that. I have just got done gapping. I think I had better go to bed.


P.S. Clark has been running the Ford taking short trips (Sept 18 it is now 25 min. after ten.) Mamma is going to can some more catsup. I have stopped in the middle of my mopping to write this. This morning when I came down stairs Papa was eating his breakfast and mamma was no where in sight. Then I ate mine and Warren dressed and ate his. I waited quite a while after that pretty soon mamma came out and said she felt sick to her stomack stomach. She didn't have much of a breakfast.

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