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Home, Sep. 17--19

Dear Esther--

Ruth and I have under taken the pleasure of answering your first letter. Tho' really I do not know how we can fill up these big pages, for so little has taken place since you left home. I have been making more catsup and T. soup. This last batch of soup is the best I have made and I think it is because I had the butter to put in it. I am tempted to make more especially for you. Do you think you would make use of it?

The folks got home so much sooner than I had expected they would. 20 min. of ten I believe. All four of us had got in our bed and I had just taken a nap when the car came in. I was not looking for them before 1 o'clock any how and would not have been surprised if they had not come home till some time the next A.M. Clark showed me the inner tube and it looked like an old rag. They also jarred the wind-shield loose; other than that they had no mishaps. Am glad your trunk came so soon. When did the girls get theirs?

Oh! say! When Clark and papa came home, Clark was driving and when he got to the lane he forgot to drive in. Had to back up to come in after papa reminded him. He said he knew where he was, but "go" had been on his mind so long, that that was all he seemed to know. He said if papa had not spoken to him he believed he would have gone on to Geneva.

A man has just driven in to sell us his old Ford. Lloyd is fairly standing on his head when he isn't in the air altogether. Lloyd's toys have not come yet, but your dress pattern came the day you left. What shall I do with it?

Mrs. Witsel was making tomato soup today. When she canned her tomatoes she mixed yellow & red. I don't know if she did that when she made soup or not. Wouldn't it make a queer looking soup?

Ruth did the ironing. (Well! I didn't know I'd got to he end of my paper. Tho't I had another page. Well, I'll get used to this (top) before you get home. Ruth is making fun of my letter. R. just told me what she wrote & I believe our letters are very much alike.)

I believe if I were you I would send home all the soiled handkerchiefs you have on hands when you send your first lot of dirty clothes home, but between times wash them out by hand, unless your bundles come home too far apart. But I should think during the warm weather you would need to send clothes home as often as once in two weeks anyhow.

Will hunt up your rubbers and send them to you soon. Be sure to send those cards to your friends b4 you get right down to business, am afraid you'll forget it or feel that you're too busy then.

Do you think you will have that "reserved-no confident" feeling like you were in Piper? I can't help but miss your telling all about your school, the "little things" you know. What is the name of the woman where you lodge? Will you have clothes enough?

Well I must close or mail-man will be gone before I know it.

With love--from

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