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Sept. 16, 1919

Dear Esther:

Today was the first time I ever had the unobjectionable pleasure of receiving two letters from you at once. Please do not hesitate to write to me just because you know Kathryn of Luella is writing, because your mail is just as heartily welcome. In fact I read yours first and my sisters do not usually tell any news in their letters.

What do you think you did say in that letter you wrote Sunday evening and mailed at Muncie? I presume you have recalled that you might possibly have said something that betrayed your true feeling or attitude towards me? And your timidity makes you feel that you do not want me to know it? I think even more of you for saying what you did; even tho you do not remember it now. You must censor your letters very severely if you consider holding back one like that. Sleepiness is all right sometimes.

Oh, that pitiless third Sunday in July when I played the reckless game with girls' hearts! You recall my past record with ease, but your knowledge is not complete, quite. Two weeks later when you and I went along to Rome City, she (Miss wood) had asked me over for a date. I told her that I was going up to the lakes then; and she later said she hoped I had a good time. I did. Esther would you like to see her? And if you knew how I spent my first Sunday evening at Purdue! You need not worry *much however, as I am still feeling right.

Gee, I wish I could have been at home last Sunday. I am not getting to bed much earlier. Last night (Mon.) I & Mr. Stafford went to see "the Red Lantern" of which you were telling me. Tonight I am going to a freshman reception at the Judging Pavilion. So you see, no matter where I'm at, I am busy at something when I should be sleeping like a good little boy should.

I am glad that you are not homesick while at I.U. It is a very interesting place to study, "campustry" included in the studies of course. You surely had a fine way to get to Bloomington, and you even got to register without much difficulty on the same day. I am very glad to hear that House looks natural, also. If he saw this school once he would change some of his ideas. This is a real school for anything that makes a man fitted for his business. It is large, beautiful and has a well defined purpose. Jumping from I.U. into snappy Purdue is no joke. A liberal arts school is very far distant from the rel life. It is too much ideal and cultured to be classed with my present "affliction".

I am not getting settled very well yet and I have been here just one week. Yesterday I had to go around to the office and get an entirely new class schedule made out. You see I am partly Sophomore and some freshman, so that a mixed schedule is some bother. It's not much use however for I shall have to spend four years here yet anyway according to the present outlook. I have biology, Mathematics, Agronomy 2, Agronomy 21, animal Husbandry 4, Poultry, and field artillery drill. Of the five letters I got today one was from the war department here summoning me over for something like a mistake.

I am wishing that I were home in order to get something good to eat, like watermelons for instance. Ha, ha! I just got back from supper. A club at 6 per. This is a great town to spend cash.

In order to have you use your new watch I wish you would tell me how old this letter is when it reaches you. It is now 7:00 o'clock P.M. Tuesday. I wish you happiness.


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