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September 15, 1919

Dear Esther:

I am sure then that I can trust you in whatsoever it may be; but you do try to make yourself a stranger to me, don't you? I can hardly tell how to receive you and your ways. Just the same I am going to learn you better yet, or fail entirely. "So now you have my opinion on that subject".

I was very glad to get your letter, and for writing, you deserve this one. I am sure. Of course I shall be anxious to get that other short one that is due. I do not remember whether my ears burned or not, but I suppose they did, especially since you were talking with another fellow about me. something would be sure to burn.

Did Luella say that she was glad that everything was so dreadfully quiet? I surely did keep things alive but my sisters have my love despite their attitude. However I do not suppose she meant that which is not actually the case. And I should be interested in knowing what kind of a girl is going to take care of you at school. A stranger? I wonder if you have decided to accept her aid. Y.W.C.A? Did you tell them you taught S.S.? Ha, that reminds me of yesterday, Sunday. I went to S. school and church. I may say here that I started in well for it being my first Sunday at Purdue.

Do you want me to tell you everything by letter, Esther, or shall I postpone all good and bad news that I have until I see you again? What do you want me to write, my life at Purdue and the school itself, or just answer your questions? I think that, if in your next letter, you answer all I have asked, then there will not be much space for anything else. This letter ought to reach you in the midst of your troubles.


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