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148 Sheety Street
La Fayette, Indiana
September 9, 1919

Dear Esther:

Once more it is necessary for me to express my thoughts to you by writing. How I sometimes wish that I could be with you always! Perhaps you may have thought I did from the way I stayed last night or so. Yet I can not easily tell a girl like you what I think.

It is now 9:00 o'clock and I have been at Purdue six hours. Would you believe me if I told you that I felt a little sleepy. Ha, ha! And I am thinking of you at the party, also. I'll wager my green cap that I will beat you to bed for once, tonight. They are wearing them here at Purdue. Ha, but I see where I may have to wear one for a while. And the appropriate one will have a yellow button on top, with a very short visor. It is rumored that the yellow button stands for the agricultural students and the red for the engineers.

Will you think that I have rather low ideals for choosing agriculture as my course here? It is all that I care very much about doing, so I am going to try it. old I.U. taught me a few things and I have learned the rest by experience, what little I have had. You have never been very well informed yet about what my plans were. I can not quite explain why I act so unless it is because I do not feel on intimate enough terms with you. Or because I fear to intrust anything in your possession. May I feel safe?

I traveled all the way from Portland with a Shimp whom I was acquainted with. He is almost 22 and is here to just begin. My room-mate is a Sophomore "Ag" student.

Best wishes and write soon.


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