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415 S. Darling St
Angola Ind
June 10--19

Dear Zoie--.

Well as you and Muarry are the only two of us kids of "‘19" that aren't up here and as I wrote to him yesterday that I'd drop you a line and let you know I landed at Angola a week ago yesterday.

I haven't been to College any this week--got the Hives--Went to the lake last Teus. [sic] and at first I thot they were mosquito bites, and then poison but when I saw a doctor he said "Hives"--not "Bee's" All 3 of us guys room a the same place--also feed our faces here

We've not met all kind of fellow's here some from New Jersey, Vancouver, Hawaii, Philipines [sic], Ill. and Japan. A guy from Hawaii rooms right here and he sure is jolly kid, only Heller says he's kinda afraid of the girls--Lulu's--

I've been playin a little tennis, got a dandy court right across the street.

Well spose you are kinda lonesome since school is no more Eh? And will be glad when you go tripping off to I.U. This fall Eh??

Whats Brother Blake doin these days? Thinkin of the time when we used to drink champagne--or letting it squirt all over him? Ha

Well must close

My ‘dress is
415 S. Darling St
Angola Ind

Clyde Romey

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