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415 South Darling St.
Angola Ind.
June 10th 1919.

Dear Zoie:

I will take time to write you a few lines to let you know I am still amongst the living. I am in Angola now and everything is all O.K. Well how is every thing coming around Geneva, just as usual I suppose. I wish I were back there for a while especially for another junior reception or something like that. Ha! Ha! Some time we did have that night. I like the school up here just fine and Clyde and I have rooms just across from the college building, so it makes it nice for us. You see we can sleep until late in the morning that way. Although I don't sleep until eleven oclock like I did the morning after the reception. I heard you made it on literature the last time you tried the teacher's exam. Good for you girlie I will sure have to congratulate you on that. Say Esther have you got your pictures from Berne yet and how are they? I didn't get mine before I came up here and I think will get them when I come home the Fourth of July. Say when answer my letter (if you ever do) send one of yours up here so I and Clyde will have one of our schoolmates to look at. You get the point do you? Of course, Zoie you understand what I mean if I do drink champagne once in a while. Ha! Well it is about time for my afternoon class, so I will close for this time.

From Your old schoolmate
Lloyd Heller.
415 South Darling St.
Angola Ind.

Ans soon.

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