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1919-05-26May 26, 1919

Dear Esther:

I received your pleasant letter on a fairly decent day, although I believe it did rain some Saturday. I must be peculiar when it comes to moods on a rainy day, for I feel just as happy. Perhaps it is because I rejoice in company that conforms to my own spirit. I think I should read the bible more and thus be able to find an explanation for anything. I was to Sunday School last Sunday (Dimanche dernier) Pres. Bryan, president of Indiana University, teaches the students' class. He is a great man.

This has been a fair day for me, but the end is not yet. Ha! I have some very agreeable lessons for tomorrow and they are yet to be prepared. I am no longer a soldier, having received another discharge. No Military drill for me this summer. Ha! You guess? Hope you are having a good time.

Yours Truly,

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