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1919-05-23 page 1 May 23, 1919

Dear Esther:

I shall have enough time to write to you before the six o'clock mail leaves the town; therefore you ought to receive my letter tomorrow, Saturday. I have been awfully busy! I suppose you have been also in the same circumstances.

We are thru with military drill for this term, and turned in our uniforms this afternoon. It was an exquisite pleasure. Yesterday was All-University day and as it rained most of the time it was not a complete success. The important thing which did take place was the Freshmen against Sophomores scrap which was begun about 2:00 o'clock and ended fifteen minutes later. The battle of Jordan took place on the muddy field of Jordan and was a most desperate and thrilling fight. You can imagine the mix-up when the shot was fired to start business. We Freshmen charged to start like Napolen's [sic] Cavalry at Waterloo, and it was a Waterloo for the "Sophs". One fellow had a shoulder dislocated and all came out of the fight as muddy as swine (?). I only lost a few buttons and got all muddy. You know it is a college tradition for the "Sophs" to try to "lick" the Freshmen. We simply over-whelmed them and enjoyed the procedure too. A part of the events of yesterday will take place tomorrow, only they will be more peaceful mature.

I shall be worked very hard from now on by the teachers. I have to read Vanity Fair also yet. Ha, ha! And it is a novel without a hero. I am drifting towards the inevitable end so I shall check my pen.

Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain yours,

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