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Bloomington, Ind.
May 19, 1919

Dear Esther:

Perhaps you were expecting a letter from me today (Saturday); but circumstances have kept me from writing sooner. The sacrifice of time and spirit in doing so might have been the proper course. Still, I do not suppose that I trouble you very much, except when I present an enigma in some of the many different forms.

I guess I shall not explain any of my previous statements, for judging from your last letter they were harmless. Did you not say once that you were too honest? Perhaps you are too innocent, or too easily influenced also. I can assure you that from your own estimation you are no know-nothing. Of course I shall not think so either. It may be well that all I say is not transparent.

I had understood that Snider (Rev.) was not to be married until June. No doubt he surprised several. I wish I could congratulate Harry Cooper also. Marriage is a popular, interesting and mystic game to play. Since music is a part of the game, I may say that Mr. Piatos is a Filipino, who does not dwell here, but merely was visiting. Yes, we have a rather small orchestra.

I have been very busy and shall be until the end of this term. There is so much to do that one is never idle. I attended an M.E. social (the I.U. students class) last night and had a very pleasant time. Tonite is a "mixer" for the unorganized students.

An aeroplane has just been in the town doing some clever flying for us. I think it has already returned home, wherever that might be. A big ball game is also on with Ohio State.

Hoping that this letter meets with favor, I remain

Yours Truly,

P.S. I shall be home a few days at least. It is uncertain.

[A rough draft of Esther's reply was enclosed in the envelope.]

Geneva Ind.,
May 22, 1919.

Since letters are an unsatisfactory means of arriving at an understanding I shall not say any thing more for the present about that "mystery".

You surely must be busy if you went to all the things you named besides keeping up with your regular work. How are you getting along with your violin lessons? Clark has been attempting to play a little bit on ours the last two or three days in order to take up some of his spare time this rainy weather. It has rained every day but Sunday. Do you get any more sunshine than we, I wonder. Doesn't it effect [sic] your nerves? (disposition) If we were to have such weather for long I'm afraid I'd be a regular bear. It was rainy at the class meeting. [The meeting] was at Bertha's last Tuesday evening. There wasn't a single car there, which is unusual for this country, considering the condition of the roads and the weather. There was a good crowd, more than I expected. I think every one had a good time. We "Unwilling Workers" are trying to find something we can do for Childrens Day. What we want is difficult to find. We want something that won't require much work or time and yet will be nice and unusual. I mentioned a tableau but I don't know whether that would do or not. We may not give anything at all which would be satisfactory to the majority. Alva said if they only wanted a dime or a piece of cake we could easily give that but he didn't know of anything else.

To-night Clark took Ruth to prayer meeting. Doesn't that surprise you? But there's a reason. Ruth's class is going to organize too, either before or after prayer meeting. I think it must be after its getting so late now and they haven't come back. And last evening he took me to choir practice although he had planned to go to the movies. He didn't want to go and neither did I but I had to meet some of the members of a committee. Everything I have done and every where I have been since school was out has been connected with Sunday School. The next class meeting will be at Martins probably on the ninth of June. We (the W.W. Class) talked of going to Hoagland some Sunday in time for S.S. and surprise Mr. Snider. June 8th was mentioned as a possible date. I don't think he is really married yet though I have heard that report, several times.

Last Sunday our whole family took dinner at Amos Shoemakers. We had a good time. We played several games of croquet. The boys played one game that I thought they never would finish they spent so much time in argument over the rules and so forth. Maybe thats [sic] the way one is supposed to play, I never knew the rules well enough to have much to say. I am hoping we can have a better croquet ground this summer than last. You know how rough it was.

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