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May 3--19.

Dear Brother & Sister and Family.

As received an Invitation to be present at Esther's Graduation Exercise. And as have written her my best Wishes and regrets at not being able to attend will now send you a line. In the first place Warren is home and as he never went acrosst he is not hurt any. He is working in the 10-5 cent Store of course he is not manager as there was no place opened off am very glad to have him at home at least for a while.

I am Working in the recieving Ward with the Ladies Night-Watching some nights it is very Easy and then agane it is very hard, at all times must be on your guard. As no telling what they will do.

Have kept quite well had one sick spell of 8 days. Only missed 6 days work as they owed me a couple of days.

Was at Bloomington the first of Feb.. for a week. At that time they were quite well Except Roland was sick the last 2 days that was there.

Have had no word from them since came home although have written to both of the girls. Recieved Orlo Picture. Sent from Fort Sheridin so by that he has not been discharged as yet.

Had a letter from Ira to-day he is living in Clarmont with his wife and her father and seems very well contented and Happy. Of course we all hope that he will be Successful and Happy in his married life.

Well could not write a letter without saying something about the weather--which is cold and rainy. We had a very heavy frost about the 23 think it killed all fruit for this year in this Section.

Reba & Fred Have kept well, they are living just out of K3 there they have for the last 2 years. There being so close has been a great comfort to me as could go to within 4 blocks of their house in the Street Cars. Some time went 3 or 4 times a week the[n] would not go for a couple of weeks--it is a pleasure to have some place to go and feel like they wanted you. Untill one has given up a home after having one no one can tell how lonesome you are for home. Even if it is small. I know as have gone all through it. Soon will be time for another Vacation. It is not due untill June 16. That will be here very soon. But do not know when will get it as am waiting on Henrietta now to say then Clayton has his so the 2 vacations do not clash or interfere with others plans.

This is the Centenial Year of the I.O.O.F. had a celebration Wednesday. Which was quite good and Friday night a Reception for the Past Noble Grands. Which I attended only had to leave so to be on duty at 11 P.M. the 5 will have been Night Watching one Year.

Have written you quite a letter and under separate cover. Will send you Warren's picture taken in Soldiers Uniform hope you will like it. As we think it is quite good. he left the Service a Sargent at one time he was first Sargeant but they put 12 Co into 4Co. co he had to be reduced to Second Sargeant for my part I am glad to get him home. No matter what his rank so long as he had done his duty and been Honorable Discharged.

Will close With Love Sister
545 S Schuyler Ave Kankakee

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