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Indiana University
April 30, 1919

Dear Esther:

It was very nice of you to remember my birthday, and send such a pleasant greeting. But don't you think that I have too many links in my chain of happiness? Nevertheless that is not important. The present and the future is of more value now. You are right in your choice of a birthday remembrance, and about my greater appreciation of it. I do not see, though, how you could have found time to think of me and recall the date. Of course you are clever. Someday "someone", I know not who, will find you an ideal according to his judgment and then you will be the "somebody".

College has a powerful influence upon changing and making a person's life.

It is pouring rain now. Worse than Sunday evening! I had a swell time just the same.

Best wishes to you during commencement week. I surely wish that I were there.

Yours Truly,

[A rough draft of Esther's reply was enclosed in the envelope.]

Geneva Ind.
May 1, 1919.

Dear Richard:

It was raining when you last wrote to me and it has been raining by spells all day. Very much like Sunday night. I am glad you enjoyed yourself so much during this visit. I know I did but I felt like you had not. The visits aren't quite long enough, that's all. (Do you know we sent to Kansas City for that card.)

Did you have much work to make up because of missing Monday? Was it you or one of the girls that was to have an exam. Tuesday?

I had examinations in English and Caesar today. Caesar was not very hard and English was easy. I have Civics and Physics to-morrow. I am somewhat afraid of Physics for I haven't been understanding my Physics this semester as well as I did the first. I don't think I will have any more regular school work afer to-morrow. How I dread to have school close. I have enjoyed myself at school this year. And I know that so soon as school closes I will drop completely out of that crowd. I have just become well acquainted with them in the last month or two. Gladys and three of the boys are expecting to go away to school this summer and teach this winter. Murray is going to school next winter at either Purdue or Bloomington.

I have a certain proposition I want to place before you but I want to get a little more information before doing so. (It may please you and it may not)

I fear I'll never be anyone's ideal. Have the same opinion of myself that a good old bachelor minister I once heard had. Am "just a bundle of mistakes".

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