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Indiana University
April 28, 1919, 8:30 P.M.

Dear Esther:

I take great pleasure and pride in being permitted to call you such an intimate friend. that salutation is perhaps formal enough; but it may stand for something finer than just formality. You know I am not to be trusted with a good-looking girl. Ha!

Well, I feel pretty good after my week-end's adventures; but I fear I had better change the subject right here, for I may be temporarily mentally unbalanced because of the necessity of sleep. I did, however, have a very fine time during this last visit. Swell!

Perhaps you know, Kathryn was unable to accompany Luella and I. We got to Bloomington at 7:10; having left Portland at 11:10. Spent an hour and one-half in Indianapolis this afternoon going thru the museum and around the monument circle.

I should have gone studying; but shall have to mail my letters first, now.

Pardon me for imposing those horrible salted peanuts upon you. You know.

Yours Truly

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