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Bloomington, Indiana
April 18, 1919

My Dear Miss Munro:

1919-04-18I received your rather informal announcement of your marriages. It grieves me deeply to think of you having tho undergo so many unpleasant (?) ceremonies. Why make it more unpleasant by having a ferocious bulldog present to scare the wits from the bride and bridegroom? Since your first marriage was unsuccessful, the second might be also because tof the impending circumstances and consequences. Nevertheless I wish you happiness ever afterwards. I shall send this to your former address and in your former name, hoping that the knot is not tied before you receive it, as your husband might object. Thanks to you for making a personal announcement:

"Farewell! All is over.
The bitter tears are falling.
I am adrift,
On a dark wintry sea."

Yours Truly,
Richard N. Glendening

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