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Bloomington, Ind.
April 13, 1919

Dear Esther:

I gladly received your letter yesterday morning, but I am sorry to hear that it causes you so mucn inconvenience to write just now. Perhaps you would have more time during the week-end? Time is a valuable, available something that is hard to use properly and to the best advantage. However I do not usually have the pleasure of writing letters before breakfast. It has happened that I have written themes and French and the like before breakfast.

Isn't it romantic to think of an aged bald minister getting married. Did you get the said Mr. Snider a single-occupant chair; or a suitable settee for two, in order to promote their close relationship during a long and happy married life? "They were married, and lived happily ever afterwards."

May I relate to you a little story called, ‘God if they last'. "The day before the wedding the bride went shopping and came back well satisfied with her bargains. All went well until the next day as she knelt with her future husband at the altar to receive the ministers blessing. Then a titter arose from the audience. There on the sole of her slipper in plain view was written in big letters, ‘reduced to 99˘.'" Not insinuating however that Rev. Snider's wedding and married life will be so humorous.

Don't you wish you did not have to graduate with it is so troublesome. When a person desires leisure time it is hard to procure. Tressie must be busy also. I only got one short letter from her this last week.

This is Palm Sunday, n'est-ce pas? I was to the Christian Church, First this forenoon. they are very ceremonious and have sacrament for all. They are going to baptize tonight, in the church. It is not yet entirely completed, and it is to be dedicated, I think, the second Sunday in June. The Methodist is the best Church here. Did I tell you that I.U. has about the best set of chimes in the U.S.? They are playing religious songs now (3:30 P.M.) in honor of Pr. Campbell's (a music prof who died of "Flu" recently) memorial services, which are held this P.M. I shall write more later.

Yours Truly,

P.S. I could not dance for my life. "Dad" Elliott, a hot-truth religious lecturer, who was here last week, surely did raze the things that need to be reformed in the (schools and) colleges especially. He was a powerful man and I think he awakened the University enough to look at it's morals. Do you object of me sending your father the Christian bulletin? Since he is interested.


[Note: This letter was written with pale purple ink that has faded. Even after adjusting several settings in Photoshop, the letter is nearly illegible.]

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