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Dear Esther:

This is certainly a lovely day. Lovely for walks and hikes. I just got in from a walk [a] while ago. I feel so tired that I do not care much about going to supper, although I am hungry.

I have been slow about answering your letter but I can not keep my letters caught up. If it isn't any other place, it is home.

If you seniors give a play yet, you will certainly be busy. I suppose, you girls have decided upon your dresses for commencement and your plans are all made. It will not be very long until commencement and it will not be long until our term of school ends.

This coming week is going to really be a well occupied week. I am wondering if we will have to study as usual. I am going to see the "Hearts of the World" to-morrow (Monday). Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our class periods will be cut short on account of convocation, as a good speaker will be here. Thursday a tank from Europe will be here and a big parade will take place. Those are the most important things to take place.

I did not get lonesome between terms because I was to [sic] busy or my time was really occupied. You know, Friday night we slept three in a bed. The girls were so worked up over exams that about mid-night I got up and went in another bed. some of the girls were blank minded after they got through with exams. One example, one of the girls asked me a question four different times, the 4th time I told her how many times I answered it for her. The girls, especially one, talked and rolled and tumbled all night. I could understand almost every thing she said.

I suppose you saw all kinds of styles when you were in Ft. Wayne. I surely see them down here, more than I wish to see too. Every one is having their skirts so awfully long here. They, I do not suppose, will not have them long at home so I do not think I will lengthen mine so long. Oh! the tight skirts are all the rage. See lots of split skirts also. The boys down here do not like for girls to wear such tight skirts. I can not blame them. I wish you could see some girls walk for they certainly walk in agony or something . I bet--the conductors get provoked.

Every time I write a letter I am interrupted by some one and I forget every thing I have to say.

The wind or breeze is blowing through here so I can hardly write. I had my hair washed Saturday and I just cannot keep my hair up. Had to pay fifty cents but I am so glad I did not do it my self. They understand how to wash hair. My hair is so curly and I have so much short hair that I just dread to comb it.

Esther, you had better send your extra cats down here. They are gathering cats up for in Zoology. Just think they had two barrels full and wanted about twenty-five more. The land lady has put Pansy (our cat) in the basement every night so no one steals her. Some boys were here the other night trying to find her--we know now that is what they were after.

Have you been flower hunting yet? I wish I were home to go with you one day. The wild flowers are in bloom here, I suppose they would be at home too.

I will expect to see you before many months and I would much rather talk than write. I will have time then too. I intended to answer your letter between terms but did not get to do so. You can see how slow I am.

Lovingly Yours,

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