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Bloomington, Indiana
Monday Noon, March 24.

Dear Esther:

I must say that I certainly enjoyed your company very much while I was there. And while I usually mix up my affairs a great deal, I hope that you will think no less of me. After each visit I somehow become differently impressed, and as you perhaps noticed, there follows soon afterwards a "nice" letter.

Would you consider it a compliment when I say that you are very individual? Or otherwise? Perhaps you can derive the meaning that I mean. You know that I never can speak right out.

Did you go to sleep at school today? I have not slept a wink since Saturday night, and it is now almost five o'clock. Left Geneva at 1:30 A.M. and arrived in Bloomington at 10:15 A.M. and read about four pages of David Copperfield while in Richmond (1 hour and 50 min). I think the town drives one insane. Ha, ha! At least I still have insomnia.

I have just finished registering and enrolling, and I have six subjects already, not including my beloved M.S., and violin lessons.

If I ever survive this course you may come to the conclusion that Indiana University does not "kill" in a very efficient manner.

I have said goodby to you and here I am writing to you yet. Can you explain the case? Ha.

Before I write much "more", I must close with good wishes to you and yours.

Yours Truly,

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[A rough draft of Esther's reply was enclosed in the envelope, written on the back of an essay about the parcel post system and mail fraud.]

Would you be terribly shocked if you received a letter from me written on some other day than Sunday? That seems to be the day I almost always write. Perhaps I can write a better letter while the memory of your visit is still fresh in my mind.

Did I go to sleep Monday? No, but I had to exert all my will power to keep from doing so. In Latin class I simply could not keep my eyes wide open they just insisted on going part way shut at least. If you didn't sleep any Monday, you surely must have been sleepy Tuesday morning at the time to get up. That's usually the time I am sleepiest.

If four subjects kept you busy before how do you expect to manage six plus the two extras? What are the subjects you are taking now? I suppose four of them are a continuation of what you had before. Are you really taking violin lessons? You spoke about doing so once while we were at your place but I thought you didn't mean it. You won't have any spare time now at all. I think I am about as busy as a person can be but I think you must be busier.

There is a certain little piece of sewing I have been wanting to do but haven't been able to find the time for it so far this week. Monday evening I went to Portland with Tressie to get the curtain good s for the stage at the school house. We didn't get home till bed time. Tuesday evening I went to town to pick out some wall paper for the back ground and to-night we stayed at the school house until almost dark working on the things. We have to have everything ready to-morrow night for the freshmen & Sophomores give their play then. I suppose you heard all about it while you were home. I think the stage is going to look very nice when completed.

So you think me individual. Well, I guess I will have to plead guilty to the charge. If you mean it as a compliment I shall accept it with thanks as such but you see I have been told a good many times that I was odd or queer when it was not meant for a compliment and I think individual means about the same.

Here it is Friday morning and this letter isn't sent yet. I wanted it to reach you before Sat. but I don't know if it will now or not. Every time I expect to finish a letter the [...] morning and get it sent before going to school I never get it done. and then it can't go till the next morning.

I got your other letter last night. The name of the story is "She was Sixteen and He was Her First Caller". The last three words are the real title. there are in it a few very characteristic paragraphs. I won't guarantee that you will like it but mamma laughed till she cried. I don't think we bothered Clark very much, he enjoyed it. I passed your compliment on to mamma and she says thank you.

Last night we went to see that play. It was good. And the stage setting didn't look so bad. I had charge of making the curtains and covering the back ground. Now Glady is mad at me. I guess it is because she couldn't have entire control of it herself. I saw Alva there. Tonight we are going to make out the program for the class party. I didn't know it before but it comes on April 1. We want to have a suitable program. I have about run out of ideas for entertainment.

If I am go get to school on time this morning I will have to close now.

Yours truly

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