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Bloomington, Indiana
March 13, 1919

Dear Friend:

If you can write a letter in so short a time, I can do eve better. I do not have much time to write just now, so I may write later whenever I choose. Next week we have final examinations.

I received both of your letters, but they were welcome. After all those escapades at Ft. Wayne, I should lend the advice that the Reverend Mr. Snyder might be enjoying your entrance into the church. Have you been to any of the revival meetings? Or, have they closed down because of the influenza. It is very bad news to hear that that dreaded plague has returned again. There are an increasing number of signs upon the houses down here, I noticed. But returning to memories of Ft. Wayne, did you see Miss Liechty or Miss Koldeway up there? I have also been to the Palace.

By this time I suppose you are all happy over the return of Mr. Walker; and the exit of Prof. Macy. N'est-ce pas? Do you think that the Legislature accomplished very much this session? I have the impression that they did several good acts. I wish I could write the kind of letters that I desire; but it seems that it is not very often possible.

I am enjoying life very well (?) at present. Yesterday at Convocation we were priviledged [sic] to hear Mr. Gorst, a great naturalist, painter and lecturer on birds. He wished for better protection for the birds, "Kill all cats". the most wonderful thing was the way in which he imitated the birds by whistling their different songs. It was simply clever.

Six more days in this term. Best wishes and regards.

Yours Truly,

I do not know about those signs. Was he frank Hall, a big fellow? I saw and talked to a man yesterday who had all kind of decorations on him, for bravery. He had been gassed by mustard gas.


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[A rough draft of Esther's reply was enclosed in the envelope, written on the back of her Latin homework.]

Geneva, Ind.
March __, 1919.

Dear Richard,

I have spent another Sunday in a very heathenish manner, for I didn't go to S.S. to-day either. I am not even sure that there was any. We decided to stay home any way on account of the "flu" around here, sore throats tha part of us have and the rainy weather. It was raining straight down most all forenoon to-day, all day yesterday, and was nasty the day before.

This afternoon Lloyd, Warren, Ruth and I went out on an exploring expedition. I had on papa's boots! They wanted to come partly off every step I took. Ruth had on boots too but they fit her better. You ought to have seen us. We found a number of signs of spring. The wheat is a bright green and the grass soon will be. Some hycinths [sic] in our yard are coming up. Clark said he saw some buds on some plants in the timber. I like to get out and explore (poke around) in spring. Every day there is something new. I can not realize that winter is about over. I don't suppose I ought to be too sure that it really is past for there may be snow a foot deep within a week.. One can't tell what is going to happen in March.

That's enough on that subject I think. But nothing has happened this week to talk about so this letter will have to be made up of "little nothings". All I have done this whole week is go to school, come home, eat, sleep, study, read, sew, and watch it rain. Oh yes, another thing,--one nice evening we walked home from school for we did have a few nice days last week. You say you wish you could write the kind of letter you would like to. I, too, wish the same very much for myself. I have never yet been able to write a letter that suited me. I do the best I can and let it go at that. "Practice makes perfect" they say. I once in a while flatter myself that I can see some improvement.

That lecture about birds must have been very interesting. I wish one would hear such things around here. Birds are getting to be quite numerous again. Did Luella hear that lecture? What did she think of his saying "kill all cats".

While I was [at] Ft. Wayne I didn't see a single person I know except Georgia and Lawrence Aschleman. I had been told that Minnie was working in the office of the General Electric Co. But they have so many buildings and offices I didn't know where to look.

Do you like to fly kites or have you out grown that pastime? Clark and Lloyd made one yesterday and flew it this evening. It not only flew but flew very nicely in fact so nicely that it broke the string and flew away, however they got it again. Clark used to make kite after kite every Spring but was lucky if even one flew.

Well, I truly believe if I keep on writing letters to you until the last of May I will really enjoy it.

I just finished reading a dandy story in the "Womans Home Companion" on page 11 of the April issue.

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