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Indiana University
February 27, 1919

Dear Esther:

Your letter was dated February 23; but it just arrived this forenoon. I thought that perhaps you had decided to stop writing, so I was greatly relieved and surprised when the postman came to leave the mail. You said that if your letter was representative of your blue feeling, then I should know the reason. there was only one thing mentioned that might have been the reason. Did you mean what might be inferred from the statement? I should enjoy being there very much. It has been my intention to go home anyway at the end of this term, even tho there is no vacation of more than a week-end. I do not know what my sisters will do.

I suppose you got my last letter in which I mentioned my state of environments. Although nothing serious has resulted yet, I should be little surprised. A sailor, that rooms here, and I took Kathryn and Luella to an Epworth League social last Friday night. I (or we) see quite a few movies once in awhile. There are dancing classes and Holy Roller revival meetings to attend. Then there are the churches and Pool Rooms. There is a free movie tonight at the Y.M.C.A. featuring Constance Talmadge in "Pair of Silk Stockings". I may have told you that I saw this cute show at "Valpo". This brings back memories of the mess-hall and straw bunks; and "squad right's", and fatigue work. Ah, I must stop this. But we still have some of that military life here. I just got back from attending a class in military map making. We are studying the science of war.

So far no one has obtained my nice green cap; which I wore today for a change. They did duck one fellow in to the Jorden [sic] for refusing to wear one. Ha. "The Jorden's [sic] Cold now." (a gentle hint)

I haven't much time to think about woman sufferage [sic]. I have so much of my own. Do you prefer it? The reason that Republican, Foote, made that remark, was because they wondered what your politics were. House, the Democrat, does not like the name Monroe because this county (Monroe County) is Republican. Ha, Ha! I do not know what you are supposed to be.

From, Richard Glendening

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[A rough draft of Esther's reply was enclosed in the envelope.]

Geneva Ind
Mar. 2, 1919

I was rather surprised to receive two letters from you, so close together. It is a wonder my letter ever got to you I had such a time getting it sent. I didn't have it quite finished Sunday evening nor did I find tiem in the commotion Monday morning but thought I would send it to town by some one in the evening but no one went. Tuesday morning the last thing I said before going to school was "be sure and mail that letter". Imagine my surprise when I opened my book at school and there it lay. The folks searched all over the house for it I guess.

That surely was a joke about your writing that letter when you should not have done so. You asked if I could guess to whom it was sent. I would say Bland Stahl. Only I thought he had been in U.S. for some time.

I received your picture last Friday. We all think it good. However I don't believe you usually look quite that sober. I don't think that any of Sullivan's pictures flatter people.

Something unusual happened to-day. We (the whole family) were invited out to dinner by a neighbor, Martins. We had a very good time. Lawrence was there too. I think he has only been home from Fort Wayne about twice since he started working there. He asked about you. I was in his home. He was going to go on there and get some things so Clark just took him and all the rest of us "kids" for the ride.

Mr. Walker is expected back about next week. Every one is anxiously awaiting him coming. I wanted so much to go to Indianapolis before the legislature adjourned. But I know I can't. I have become quite interested in such since I have been studying Civics. Bloomington isn't so very far from Indianapolis you know. I thought if I could get as far as Indianapolis I might go on to see the college buildings. Of course that's all (?) I would want to see. When does this half term end.

Clark was gone Friday afternoon and all Saturday to the county basket-ball tournament. The first game Hartford had was with Berne and H. was badly defeated. No one expected that to happen.

While there Clark heard about a joke played on Ishmael & some of his friends. His basket-ball team had rented a car off a friend & had gone to Fort Wayne to play a last game Thurs. While coming home about twelve o'clock they were held up by three masked men at the bridge just north of Decatur & forced to give up all their valuables & also the car & had to walk in. They at once reported this to the police. The next day they found that this was done by three of their friends as a joke, one of the men being the owner of the car. The things were all returned to them. The joke may be on the other fellows tho for since they just reported it to the police the case has come up before the grand jury and none of them can stop it. I wonder how it will turn out.

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