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Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana
February 26, 1919

Dear Esther:

Having arrived at the conclusion that I ought to write to you, there is nothing to prevent me from doing so. So far as I know at least, I have just passed thru a very difficult day of work, and I need the pleasure and enthusiasm derived from writing a letter. Self-expression is the beginning of power; and although I am not very eloquent myself as yet, I hope you may enjoy reading my compositions.

I wrote a little the other day which perhaps I should not have written. Could you guess what that was and to whom it was erroneously sent? This is the way it happened--A young fellow just from France, and still in Fort Hamilton, New York, wrote a letter to my sister. Now since it was sent to Geneva, Mamma, sent it to Kathryn in a letter which she wrote. Kathryn thought the letter was for me, since there were no names on it, and I was a very good friend of the young artilleryman. Mamma did not think it necessary to say whose letter it was, so it was given to me; and I thought it was a queer letter to me. Now imagine the excitement when we later learn the mistake. It is a fine joke anyway. Ha.

Could it be that I sent my last letter to girls to the wrong one? Really, a college student is liable to do anything. They are so full of ideas, and exquisite means for doing something. I am usually so indulgent that I hardly have time to go to an occasional movie. However, last evening I did go to a free show at the Y.M.C.A. in the Student Building. As for church-going, unless the pagan professors down here are more merciful towards us, we shall not even continue our pursuit of religious ideas. They are an unsympathetic class of pedagogues, or something equally as good.

We are not going to have any vacation between terms; and the Spring Term is ended June 7. There is a long, long, trail a winding thru the fabled castle of Achievement. With best wishes and regards,

Sincerely Yours,

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