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I am always glad to hear from you any time you can write.

Hartford City, Ind.,
February 11, 1919.

Dear Esther:

I was very glad to get your letter even if I have neglected to answer it. Having so many to write to I don't' always get letters answered as soon as I should but am always glad to hear from them.

How is everybody around Hartford by this time? Hope all well and enjoying life. It seems like ages since I have seen any one from there thought sure we would be back there for Sunday School before this time but it hasn't been so we could.

How are you getting along with the W.W. class? Will be glad when the class all get back home even if I can't be with them each Sunday will be glad to know the others are all together. What was the attendance and collection of the class last Sunday? Hope you got both banners.

We have been going to Sunday School and church but it doesn't seem anything like going to Hartford although people have been very nice to us. We have gone to three different churches but haven't decided yet which one we will attend. They all seem to want us but of course we can't go all of the places regular.

How are you getting along at school now? Laurel likes his school fine and is getting along fine in everything only Latin is having quite a time with that but think he will come out alright with it. It doesn't seem like he is home very much now having so far to go he starts early and doesn't get home until late.

I had planned on starting to school at Upland the first of January or the time Mazie started but was disappointed in it. I am expecting now to start in March if nothing prevents. Not getting moved until so late I couldn't get ready to go in January.

When and where is the class meeting this month? Are Martin's going to have it Valentine night or has been changed. My, now we do miss those good times. Would certainly love to attend a meeting again and hope we can before long.

I certainly thank you for the pictures you sent.

Esther why can't you and Clark come up and stay over Sunday with us? If we haven't very much room will try and have a good time any way and we would all love to have you just any time you can come it will be alright with us just let us know and come on Saturday and stay over Sunday. Will close hoping to see you real soon.

Ever your friend

Velma Frances Hullinger.

Excuse all mistakes

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