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Hartford City Ind.,
Feb., 11, 1919.

Dear Friend

As Velma is writing to Esther ai will try to answer your welcome letter. I was glad to hear from you and know we were remembered. You said they missed us. I dare say they did not miss us more than we did them. We have been to three different churches they have treated us fine but they do not seem like Hartford people, especially the young people.

Wonder if you people had the "flu" we heard since your letter came so many around there were having it. Had a letter from Mrs. Shoemaker she said they were having it. We have had quite a time with colds, but did not have the "flu". Neal has an awful cold now but says he does not have time to lay off. It nearly keeps him busy since Laurel is in school.

I think we will like it fine here when we get things arranged more convenient. We have fine neighbors.

How is our class getting along, has it grown any since I left? Do hope we can get back there some Sun. before long, so you be sure to come every Sun. I want to see you.

I guess I cannot think of any thing more to say this time. Will be glad to hear from you again. tell me all the news of acquaintances back there. Best wishes to all.

Mrs. Ina Hullinger.

[Note: I assume this letter was written to Esther's entire family. It was included in the same envelope as Velma Hullinger's letter. I also assume that Ina is Velma's mother.]

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