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Bloomington, Indiana
January 31, 1919

Dear Esther:

You may be surprised to get another letter from me this week. At least I hope you are surprised to learn that I have not forgotten about February two. How nice it is to have a birthday on Sunday. Is it symbolic? It is with much pleasure that I send a little greeting; and since I can not meet you personally, you shall have to draw upon your imagination when you read the following:
"Reach your hand to me,
my friend,
With heartiest caress.
Sometime there will come an end
To its present faithfulness.
Sometime I may call in vain
For the touch of it again,
When between us "land [or] sea"
Holds it ever back from me."

[From James Whitcomb Riley's Riley Songs of Home]
I hope, very sincerely, that you do not have the "flu' yet. The ban is set here for a period until Friday noon, February twenty-one. Ha.

"They say, that the good die young", so therefore I wish you a long and happy life".

Yours Truly,

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