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Indiana University
Twenty-fifth of January, Nineteen Nineteen,
Saturday, A.M.

Dear Esther:

Do you not get tired receiving letters from me probably I am a pessimistic, but I can not write nice letters. Ha! I feel like a pessimist to-day. College students all have their trials of pessimism.

I suppose, you like your new Supt. He must be a college sport, the typical type of college student. N'est pas? did he not belong to the S.A.T.C.? He is more modern than Walker, is he not? I hope, the "flu" gets better there. I do suppose, it seems much like school with so many missing. Did you folks not have exams. yet? When will you have them?

The "flu" must be terrible around there. There are "flu" signs on both side houses, that is on both houses on each side of us. The ban is off here at I.U. There are only a few students in the hospital, and two of the faculty.

You said, all women ought to be trained in some special thing, so they can earn a living. I agree. But do not let me lead you to woman suffrage. For that is what my life has been prophesied to be. Even some people went so far as to say, that I would reform a democrat (?) into other politics. I would do something great, for mother says, "never try to reform a man; it is impossible, you can not make them over." Ha!

We had a basket-ball game with Iowa. You would know the consequences if you would see the sad faces. The B.H.S. went to play a game with, I believe, Evansville. B.H.S. has a fine team, but two of them had the "flu" so I do not know how that game will come out.

Last Friday evening we girls made candy, danced, popped corn, and some of the girls played cards. You know, the ban was on tight last Friday evening. Pres. Bryan said, it would be enforced that night if it never was before. Ha! We partly obeyed. The boys found that we were going to make candy and every one wanted some. They all got some that asked for any. We will make them buy the sugar though next time.

Last Sunday evening we gave toasts after supper. Had much fun, but some had nothing good prepared.

The docter [sic] has been coming up to see a girl here. He does not pronounce it as the "flu" unless it is in a very light form; but still he does not know what it is. If it would be the "flu" we would be quaranteened [soc]. She probably has been smoking to [sic] much. Ha!

Kath wants me to go up town with her so I will stop for awhile. I will make her go up with me this P.M. She will have to return the good work.

I am going to iron some to-day, do some pressing also. So, as you know, I will be rather busy. Did a little washing yesterday P.M.

I am going to try to finish this at last.

It is certainly lovely out this morning, although the sun is not shining. It naturally could not shine here at Indiana to-day.

Did you go to try the teachers exam. to-day? Several of the students went this morning. I ought to have gone for fun and tried my luck.

There is going to be a dancing class held this P.M. I am afraid I will not get to go for I have so much to do. It costs a quarter each time a person goes.

I want [to] go to the Library and study part of the after-noon, I have to go up town, and I do not suppose I will press any until after dinner. It is almost noon now. One thing I did get done, and that was to make the bed. Time always goes fast when I do not want it to do so.

I will have to mail this so it will be sure to go, although you will not receive it before Monday.

With best Wishes,
Luella Glendenning.

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