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Bluffton Ind.,
Jan. 13, 19

Dear Esther:

I don't know when you can expect me back. My tonsilitis developed into Scarlet Fever so Lorin can thank his lucky star that I didn't go back with him because he would have had his hand full, I was surely sick. I think it was real luck that I took sick when I did. Geraldine also has the fever but none of the rest have taken it. We are quarantined now, when Dorothy had it they didn't quarantine us. I don't know how long they'll keep us penned in. It's bad enough to be sick but is worse yet when you can't have any company.

Papa wrote to my instructors, telling them why I'm out of school. Dr. Stout, Mr. Telfer and Mr. Fulton answered and said I should not worry about my work, they would help me make it up. I'm not going back till I feel real strong because it will take a pretty good effort to climb to Geology every morning.

You mentioned moving, go ahead, it will be alright with me. I like their room about as well as ours and it is much warmer.

I'm hoping William doesn't get sick, he hasn't showed any signs yet. His class play is in about two weeks, he can take his part alright if he doesn't get sick, of course he enjoys the quarantine.

We have quite a bit of snow here. I'm crazy for a sleigh ride and intend to have one before I see I.U. again. Please excuse this pencil, my fountain pen has gone bad. I'm also out of envelopes and have no way of getting any.

Give my regards to all the girls and to Mrs. Carter and family. I hope Drusalia is better. Hoping to see [you] soon I am

Your room mate

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