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148 Sheety Street
W. LaFayette, Indiana
January 7, 1919

My dear Little Girl,

Whether it be of any great interest to you or not, I wish to say that I am once more back on my old job of seeking and acquiring (some) knowledge. The first few days at the beginning of school is for me a discouraging and blue project. Especially at that time, but rarely any other, I feel an inclination to jump the track of the straight and narrow way. No doubt you had plenty to aannoy you also; but if you had any sympathy to spare I would have gladly appreciated it. I have surmised that if I did not write to you first, then our correspondence might have ceased, perhaps over nothing but a mere little formality which does not apply to all cases at all times. Any kind of waiting usually is successful for a time, there grows monotonous and useless; nevertheless I may be able to wait long enought to give one a fair trial, to satisfy or not to satisfy my longing for a true and lovable "somebody." Years separated me from my goal, and although I expect many pleasures and disappointments, I do not feel any lack of confidence. Social problems do not worry me much; that is, I find it harder to do other things.

Luella said you all got back to I.U., so I suppose you are alone yet. How did you enjoy your trip? Sorry you went that way?--I got here about 9:00 P.M. Monday night and surely enjoyed a sleep that night. Last night I went to a dance at Allens despite all my lessons. It served to revive my waning good spirits anyway. I hope you have had a better time. What a queer thing to notice how rapidly a good time passes away. Is it because we are all too much in love with pleasure; and each other? Tell me this. Yet I know that people do not usually love each other one another so much as all that. This is a hateful and cruel world for that.

Good cheer and success to you.


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