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Interlaken, Rolling Prairie,
Indiana, On November
Four, nineteen Eighteen.

Dear Esther:

I received your letter yesterday (Saturday) and was surely glad to hear from you once more. The post-office is a popular place with me, like all the other guys, and a fellow certainly likes to get letters. I live in the canteen building now with my old Company C. The place is a three-story and the canteen is in the portion of the lower story or rather basement. We are only about one hundred yards from the Post-Office and the same from the mess-hall.

What picture was that you showed Luella? The one you took. It must be fine. Any way all pictures taken of me are me and I should worry. "I'm in the Army now." Ha, ha! That annual business reminds me of old times gone never to return. I think that philosophy was written by the superintendent. I got a letter from mamma yesterday and she says Bland is in France now. I think he is in the heavy field artillery. Bland is only about a year older than I am.

There may be a few gentlemen here in camp but as a whole the fellows are a hard set. Nevertheless all are good in some way for something. I have found no desire to find any intimate friends among the men and my affection for Achleman and McCollum has not grown much. For one thing I am awfully busy here and another is that I can live happily alone if I so choose. It is easy for me to fit myself to any strange surroundings and put my whole self into any work that I have to do. Army life is none too easy, too.

I am in the M.T.C. (Motor Transport Corps) now, being chosen for the first class here organized. We will have to go through several months work in two weeks time, I guess and if we make good get a chance to go to another school at Purdue perhaps where we will be made into truck-masters or officers. It is hard I tell you.

I am on K.P. (Kitchen Police) today (Sunday) and have to report back at the mess-hall at 4:15 o'clock or in about fifteen minutes. I got off at about 2:30 and I had to help the baker. We made pies, cakes, jelly-rolls, and cream-puffs until about 2:00 P.M. Cakes and cream-puffs are for officers only. They get a little better than the men. Believe me, I am some baker. Ha, ha! This is my first experience in the Kitchen here, but one thing is good, I get some of all the extra good things to eat.

I suppose you start to school again in the morning. Wish you good luck and a good time. Write when you can. I shall be glad to hear from you.

Yours Truly,

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