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Bloomington, Indiana,
Monday, 10.20

Esther Dear:

Just got back from class. I am feeling fine, considering every thing. Arrived here at 7:30. Did not leave Indianapolis until five. Did not wait in Muncie at all, but we made up for it in Ind. , had to wait over three hours there.

Did not go to bed until eleven last night and was up till 10:30 at night so you can imagine how sleepy I am.

Lessons! Lessons! Have so much to do. Did not look at a book last night, but studied this morning before the 8 o'clock class. So I got up rather early.

As far as I know, we do not have to make up any school at all.

The "flue" situation is not very favorable in the city yet. But they have it under control at I.U. The bow is still on here. One of the doctors here said, probably it would be on all winter. How do you suppose we can get along without going to church or to movies? Ha.

There were 212 cases of "Flue" among the S.A.T.C. [Student Army Training Corps], with only one death. The hospitals are overflowing with students and people of the town. Common and High Schools have not opened up yet here.

We got another girl in our house and also a new family. There is a regular moving time here. Will not have time to write more about this now.

I was certainly sorry you did not get to come Sat. eve. I do not blame you thought for not wanting any fortunes told.

I have so many letters to write, but will try to write you a letter the latter part of the week. I have not time to write much now. Will take this down stairs so I will not have to take it to a mail-box.

Write when you can.

[Note: The letter was written on 3 x 3 1/2 inch card stock.]

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