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March 29, 1918, From Orlo Woods

Camp Logan, Houston, Texas,
March 29th, 1918.

Dear Cousin Esther,

I received your first letter quite a while ago and I waited so long to answer it that I now have two letters to answer at one time. I believe though that I can make up some good excuses for not answering it sooner and ten days more.

We went out o the trenches for a three-day stay last Thursday a week ago and Friday it rained so hard that we had to move out. We carried almost the same equipment that we will have in France if we ever get there. When we left the trenches the water was waist deep and the dugouts were full. It quit raining Friday night so Saturday we had to go out and start cleaning up. We pumped water out on Saturday and Monday and we didn't get all the water out.

Tuesday and Wednesday we drilled as usual and the [...] commissioned officers had school in the evening. Last Thursday we came out to the rifle range and we are still there. It rained this morning but it dried up and we were able to shoot this afternoon. I haven't shot any yet. We are going to be here for two days. I am writing by candle light.

You spoke about a nice wind in your first letter well we have a big breeze too. It is generally duty when the wind blows but it rained too. It got quite cold here for this locality. Corn is eighteen inches and more above the ground. Potatoes and a number of other things are up too. The weather most of the time is quite warm. Around 90F about noon.

The basket ball season is over and the Fairberry T.H.S. team sure pleased me. It was the Livingston County Championship and came out fourth in the central part of the state contest.

We are receiving quite a few orders every day now. About two weeks ago an order came out for all the officers to stay in for four nights a week and study and now an order has arrived for everybody to stay in except Wed. Sat. and Sunday. We are supposed to study an hour every evening. Of course we study. I haven't even brought my book out here with me.

Well as the lights are poor I will close for this time

Your Cousin
Orlo Woods.

[Note: The paper has become darkened and the ink faded, so I had to make quite a few adjustments to the contrast, darkness, and saturation to make the text legible.]

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