Home | 1917

Camp Logan, Houston, Texas,
F. Co. 129 Infantry,
Nov. 16, 1917.

Dear Cousin Ruth;

I received yours and your mother's very nice letter this evening and a will right away. I have been going to S.S. and church quite a bit since I have been here.

I would [have] liked to have been the school teacher at your school when that bunch came out there to visit you. I would have had some fun out of it and put them in quite a bit of misery too.

You must be quite a big girl now. If you have a picture of yourself you might send it to me. I would send a picture of myself if I had any but I can't keep any on hand.

So far this month I have averaged more than a letter a day that is about all we have to do evenings unless we go up town.

I went up town last Tuesday night and saw Mary Pickford in the picture "The Little Princess," it was a very good show. Last night I went to a show and saw a picture it was "The Retreat of the Germans at Arras" it cost me eighty five cents for my seat. After the show I went to a Cafe and it cost me seventy five cents for my supper. It was a very nice supper though.

We took a nice long hike this morning. There is a big pine forest about two miles from camp. One regiment went out to capture it. I was in a right flank patrol. We didn't get to see the enemy. We left camp at 7:30 a.m. and . . . [The letter ends there. The last page is apparently missing.]

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