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Co. F., 129th Infantry, U.S.N.G.,
Camp Logan, Houston, Tex.,
November 14, 1917.

Dear Cousin

I received your letter several days ago and as I have a little time I will answer it. I received the letter while we were out at a rifle range about eight miles from camp. We were at the range from Friday until Wednesday. I have had charge of ten men and it kept me busy watching to see that the men handled their guns right. Of course we are allowed to be as careless with our guns when they are loaded they only shoot three miles. I made the best score of any that were under my instruction. On the 100 yard range I made a score of 46 out of 50. On the 200 yd range 42 out of 50. 300 yd. 41 out of 50. I considered that I made a fairly good score.

Yes, I am still in Texas but I don't know how long I will be here. I have heard that we are to go some place else.

Vern is still here and is a first class Private. He is getting along fine.

I bought a 150.00 Liberty Bond.

Du hast mir gefragt was ich willat für weinachtszeit gebaben. Ich Würich mir ein Stücke von Zücker.

Will close
Your Cousin
Orlo Woods.

[Note: I don't speak German, so I can't tell if the above text is correct. I went a-Googling to double-check as much of it as I could.]

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