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Carleton, Nebr.
Aug. 22, 1915

Dear Friend--:

Well I will try and scratch a few lines to you this afternoon. Well how are [you] getting along this summer. I am just fine. I suppose the fair will start pretty soon. Well we are going to have a county fair here. It is a week after next. I want to go. You had better come and go along with me. Ha! Ha! I see in the paper that Ill. is having rainy weather. Well it has been awful rainy in Nebr. too. It was so muddie in the wheat & oats fields that the people could not get all of their grain cut. We did not get all of ours. It is just a little patch tho. I suppose everybody is threshing around Piper City. Well just about everybody stacked their grain out here. It was to rainy to thrash it out of the shock.

Do you ever see any of D.M. Lyons. tell them all Hello for us. And tell them to write some time. What is James going to do this fall? Is he going to teach school or is he going to Bloomington again. I suppose you will be in high school this fall. Well I am going to high school this fall. In Nebr. they just [go] up to the 11th grade in some of the town school. But they are going to put the 11th grade in. The school I am going to is 4 mi. from home. But I am going to board. Then there is another town 8 mi. from home where they have 4 yr high school. What grad will Clark & Ruth be in this fall. I suppose Lloyd is going to school too. How is the baby, I guess he isn't much of a baby anymore. I forgot what his name was. I suppose Piper City is getting to be a city.

Say, Esther, do you ever hear from Agnes Cornell. I got a letter from her the fore part of June. She was going to go [to] the Panama Exposition. I wrote and told her to write to me. But I haven't got any answer yet. I suppose she sees so many sights that she forgets about writing letters. We have a neighbor that has 7 girls. Isn't that quite a family. The oldest is 16 yr. and the youngest is just about 3 months. There were 2 boys in the family, but they both died when they were small. The baby is just as pretty as it can be. Well I guess that is all. Write much oftener than you do.

Your Friend
Orlie Penwitt

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